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Milwaukee Tool Leans in BIG TIME!


When we called Milwaukee Tool to ask for a discount on power tools, they took one look at our program and decided that a discount wasn’t enough. They saw our vision for revitalized urban communities, empowered youth, and a more diverse workforce, and they decided to lean in. And, I mean…LEEEEEAN IN!

Thanks to the efforts of our good friend & local Milwaukee rep, Collin Dieck, Milwaukee Tool has truly put their money where their mouth is and supplied our students with enough cordless power tools to build a skyscraper. Their unbelievably generous donation not only gives under-served youth an opportunity to work with contractor grade construction equipment (preparing them for careers in the trades), but it tells our students, “You’re worth investing in!” And, they're right!

Thank you, Milwaukee!

Thank you for truly putting skin in the game!

Thank you for seeing the need and accepting responsibility to meet it!

Thank you for betting on Lake Street Works. We won’t let you down, and neither will our students!

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